Prunedale Christian Academy


New students will not receive a formal grade placement until after their first full term. This will generally happen during a formally scheduled Parent-Teacher Conference and must be ratified by the Principal in writing. If at any time a student falls below minimum standards in several subjects, then we will place him/her in a lower grade level. If the student shows a willingness to catch up we will issue a work contract. Once again the contract will require the principal’s ratification in writing. Any failure to meet the terms of the contract will result in the student being held back at the end of the year or dismissal from the school. Eighth Grade and Twelfth Grade Acceptance It is Prunedale Christian Academy’s policy not to accept students for promotion that are more than two years behind.We have found that this is not in the best interests of the student and the school. If a student is accepted that is two years or fewer behind the parents will be required to sign a contract stating that they fully understand the projected graduation date of their child. Prunedale Christian Academy will not be held responsible if

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the student does not meet graduation requirements.

Pre School

This traditional program is designed to help our students become solid


In these critical middle elementary grades we combine traditional with .

Junior High School

This individualized approach builds on the academic foundations that are

High School

Alpha Omega Publications & Switched On Schoolhouse

This multimedia individualized approach combines the Alpha Omega Lifepacs with some computerized learning provided by Switched on Schoolhouse or SOS. In the High School each student is equipped with a computer at their desk. Subjects such as Economics, British Literature and Communications etc. are available for them in the computerized format. Core subjects such as Math and Science are generally kept in paperback format while electives & science labs are taught with a traditional approach.

Our High School program fulfills and exceeds the California Graduation Standards set by the Ca. State Department of Education.